FAST Stakepool

0% Fee, 40 Gbps Bandwidth, 1 ms Latency

Need any help with staking? Feel free to contact us at any time via email or Telegram.

Also, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page!

It's filled with tons of information and disambiguation that will be useful to anyone looking to delegate on Cardano. Even if you don't have any questions now, you might learn something that you never knew before. Give it a look!

The FAST Stakepool is designed to be as fast and reliable as possible:

  • It uses a ridiculously fast and reliable Internet connection.

  • It runs on a dedicated machine with high-performance SSDs as well as significantly more processing power and memory than necessary.

  • It has a watchdog process monitoring it to ensure that it keeps running in event of an unexpected crash (so far this hasn't happened, but it's good to be safe).

  • It is up to date on all modern security practices to make sure that it is safe from attackers.

All this is to make sure that we're always in sync with the rest of the Cardano network so that we never miss a block and that you never miss any rewards.

Pool Parameters

  • As of now, the Cardano protocol requires that the cost per epoch of a pool be at minimum 340 ADA. We certainly would've liked to have set this lower, but unfortunately we can't. In order to try to compensate, we've set the pool margin to 0% to maximize your rewards as a delegator. There are currently no plans to change this.

Stakepool Technical Information

Hex Pool ID: a915178a0195af9166fccd42a69407f1af109faf64c3c409ab2790ec

Bech32 Pool ID: pool14y230zspjkhezehue4p2d9q87xh3p8a0vnpugzdty7gwcruepps

Pool Owner: 3bb53ec762ba2144e3549352978d20f9e026154ffb94e1f4b9695d60

Relay: {"addr": "", "port": 3000, "valency": 1}